What is your onion on Miiverse?

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GreatTroySensei posted...
_Taidow_ posted...

How in the world did I mess that up?

No going back, never surrender. Your "mistake" gave us all something beautiful. To 500, with onion-related puns!!!


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idk, I actually use it to answer peoples questions lol. When it comes to games like Ninja Gaiden where the community features aren't built in, people actually have to take the time to make posts/ask what they need to ask. It isn't non stop comments everytime the speech bubble pops up like it is for Nintendo Land or NSMBU.
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I prefer red onions. Great in cheese sandwichs
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I thought it was an onion drawing contest.
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Mmmm onions.
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this topic is making me tear up
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I like it, it gives me a chance to see what my friends are playing. I was active in a FPS crew and most bought the system. While I do not play any FPS games currently, it is fun to see what they like.

I am also fortunate that many of my actual friends are hopping on board the Wii U so we can send quick messages to each other. I can recommend games and such, and leave the cell phone out of the equation.

MiiVerse really depends on how much time and effort you put into it. You could get lost there for days.

One thing I personally do is whenever I find a glitch in a game like AC:3, I take a pic of it, and make some silly post about it.
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great , i don't have a wii u yet but it's great it must be.
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I hate onions.
It's-a me!
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Instant repulsion.