Why is Miiverse such a big deal here?

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gamewhooper181 posted...
It's a massive message board where gamers can come together to post their artistic drawings, ask questions or seek tips about certain games, and show everybody their accomplishments.

Can't find a hidden Star Coin in a certain level in NSMBU? Post on Miiverse and you'll likely have a response within minutes. No need to pull up GameFAQs.

Just got a Gold Medal in a tough NSMBU Challenge? Post a screenshot of that on Miiverse for everybody to see. Unlike trophies or achievements, these aren't just shown to your friends, they're shown to everybody on that message board at that time.

Are you good at art and like to draw? Post your gaming-related drawings for thousands to see. There's so many artistic people on Miiverse.

Do you like what certain users are posting? You can "Follow" them similar to how you do so on Twitter. I'm currently following Shu Yoshida, the lead designer of NSMBU, one of the creators of Little Inferno, Peer from IGN, Jeremy Parish from 1UP, Jim Sterling from Destructoid, etc.

Also, the absolute best thing about Miiverse is that you need to have a NNID to post, and there's also a box that is checked that shows everybody, when you post, if you own the game you're posting about. It really cuts down on the unnecessary trolling.

Miiverse is awesome and refreshing was surprised on how much I like it as I thought I wouldn't.
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there could potentially be good discussions on MiiVerse if a good post starter gets followed by everyone, until then it's just art or a time-killer