Disney brand game system???

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4 years ago#1
Does it stand a chance? (Look at link below) - Results (28 votes)
17.86% (5 votes)
14.29% (4 votes)
67.86% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Sony and Microsoft fight over who's boobs look more realistic, while Nintendo is all about having fun with them. ;)
4 years ago#2
Let's Blocking:
4 years ago#3
I'd buy it <u>ONLY</u> if they called it The Dinglehopper.
I like video games.
4 years ago#4
They wouldn't be able to get around the stigma of being Disney.
Also, Steambox is a thing this gen, and I don't think there would be room for more.
Too bad. Disney is a creative company that could do great things,
Not changing this until something impossible happens
Started 12/02/12
4 years ago#5
Heck no. I refuse to buy another system for kingdom hearts nope.

got psp for Birth by sleep
DS for days
DS got stolen in house robbery so I got a second used DS for coded
and a 3ds for dream drop distance.
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