Last quality game Nintendo made themselves?

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D**NIT! another war topic? Yeah I hate you all.
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Mario Galaxy
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Mario Galaxy 2
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Sony may own them, but they tell Sony how their game is going to be. Sony has no say in anything aside from asking how much a game is going to cost to get finished.

Is that why they have good games, the dev do their job rather then being forced to listen to some CEO who thinks online is irrelevant?

Please, name me JUST ONE Sony game that has decent online play. JUST ONE. The closest they have gotten is the Uncharted series and it's online is nothing but lag and glitching.
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Uncharted isn't a Sony game. It's 3rd party...
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In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.
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New Super Mario Bros U honestly. Best 2D Mario since World.
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For choosing a Sony game, these are the choices of dev:
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Ocarina of Time.

lol no

Alright, alright! Mario 64.

This doesn't even make sense, but then again I suppose it's the bias of the poster.

Objectively, you're wrong, though.
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Uncharted isn't a Sony game. It's 3rd party...

Actually, it's second party. Sony bought Naughty Dog after the success of the Crash series.
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Sony's IPs are really showing them up right now.

there so wrong with this post i am laughing so hard i can't even stop to debate what a failure of post this is.