Wii U Owners Age

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jairusmonillas posted...
Wii U owners are around 10yrs-17yrs old.

18 and above only owns either a 360 or ps3 and a pc along with it.

but your facebook says your 17, and also you have a face only a mother can love....even if it is just barley.
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The only game my wife saw me play and liked was GTA 4 and I showed her a trailer from the new GTA and she is "interested." Will she play it, probably not. I think Nintendo for years to come will always have that image that their consoles are for "little kids." The last Nintendo console I had was a "GameCube" and that was knock on it.

I hooked my Wii U up for the first time today (had it for almost 2 wks) and was pleasantly surprised. It feels like old school "fun."
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31, I have 7 games for the sucker, not joking.
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ThePrisoner06 posted...
49 in May, and very glad I bought a Wii U.

Wow kudos
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I got mine the day it came out in Australia. So far:
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And I'm 17
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I'm surprised there have only been four or five posts claiming that everyone who owns a Wii U is my age or lower. I thought there'd be more. *sigh* This board...
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UberGTO posted...
31 years old.

Last time I seem a actual scientific poll it went Xbox, ps3, PC, Wii. With the Xbox having the youngest on average and Wii having the oldest. Just don't tell the Xbox kids. They all mature with there l337 420 no scopes.

i thank you so much for saying that.
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I'm probably the youngest one I guess. I'm 15. But doesn't that me special? Right? Right? :(
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