Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Wii U the first system to port last gen games?

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Almost all the sports titles of the year the 360 came out were ported over from the ps2/xbox/cube. I remember that because that's about all any of my friends had lol I specifically remember the tiger woods one and the basketball one. Call of duty 2 was a launch title on 360 and I'm pretty sure that was a port. It's not uncommon at launch at all. Just Google it yourself. I'm sure there's a Wikipedia article chronicling the launch titles for whatever your heart desires or old articles.
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I guess what I forgot to mention is any system playing last gen port during LAUNCH.

PlayStaion launched with NBA Jam:TE which was already on SNES and Genesis and later got a port of MKII which also was last gen and they played worse.

Um no, the Playstation versions may have had some load times but they were near arcade perfect while the SNES and Genesis versions were clearly cut down to run on those platforms. The PSX hardware met/exceeded the original arcade hardware for the games.
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Dreamcast had N64 and PS1 ports. PS2 had a couple of PS1 ports too.
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Ps1 had saturn ports.
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Stealthlys posted...
Ps1 had saturn ports.

Saturn was the same Gen tho.
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meh too late.
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Twilight Princess was released on the Wii a few weeks before the GC version.
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AhnoldDood posted...
Where have you been since any console launch? Friggin' really.

Every console had ports from last gen games on launch. The PS2, the Gamecube, and especially the PS3 and 360.

I'm actually agreeing with him
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HELZERO posted...
Maybe I'm wrong, need some clarification. For example COD and asscreed are ports from last gen systems and are nothing new.

Since you had been living under a rock, here's a list of some games that were released from past gen but also were port to its next gen competitors/successors.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Debut in arcade, released for PlayStation and Sega Saturn (5th gen), got ported to Sega Dreamcast (6th gen).

Ninja Gaiden (the reboot) - Debut for Xbox (6th gen), got ported to PS3 (7th gen), and later Vita (8th gen).

Resident Evil 2 - Debut for PlayStation, enhanced for N64 (5th gen), and later ported to Dreamcast and GameCube (6th gen).

Primal Rage - Debut in arcade, ported to Super NES and Sega Genesis (4th gen), later to PlayStation, Saturn, 3DO, Jaguar CD (5th gen).

Battletoads/Double Dragon - Debut for NES (3rd gen), later ported to Genesis and Super NES (4th gen).

Bully - Debut for PS2 (6th gen), enhanced for Wii, ported to Xbox 360 (7th gen).

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Debut for GameCube (6th gen), ported to Wii (7th gen).

Mortal Kombat Armageddon - Debut for PS2 and Xbox (6th gen), ported to Wii (7th gen).

Mega Man X3 - Debut for Super NES (4th gen), ported to Saturn and PlayStation (5th gen).

Ogre Battle - Debut for Super NES (4th gen), ported to Saturn and PlayStation (5th gen).
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Beatperson14 posted...
There's a difference between a 'ported' multiplat that releases the same as last gen and a literally ported game well past release.

The PS3 had a few games they got after everyone else because of the time the system released. Marvel Ultimate Alliance for one.
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