Stupid Question: If I buy a retail game, shouldn't I be able to download free?

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it's not all that different from entering an online pass or pre-order code.

instead of loading the disc, just swipe the box to play the digital version.
it'll only ask for proof if you download the "back-up digital version" or "some crap" of the game.

all i want is to prevent the off chance the disc gets scratched or random affliction.
if the game becomes rare, i can't buy another copy. and buying a game i own already is overkill.

never said its a good idea, just better than wasting money.

You could still sell the game disc and just keep the box.

...i thought that was against most trade in policies.

Nope. Have you ever seen a game at GameStop that is boxed in a generic GS-brand box with a printed name and a price sticker slapped on it?
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"Stupid Question: If I buy a retail game, shouldn't I be able to download free?"

Um-huh, nope. That's like saying if I bought this game, then every other copy of this same game is free which it isn't. It doesn't matter how many copy of the same game you bought, you bought two products, you have to pay for those two products. Plain and simple. The only time something is free is if there's a deal going on or if the previous purchased digital product is tied to your account.