'Crysis 3' not coming to Wii U due to lack of "business drive"

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Newave posted...
Wasn't Crysis 3 one of the main selling points for Wii U because it "could handle it" and the other two, PS3 and Xbox 360, couldn't? And Wii U owners did their best to try and rub that in the faces of PS3 and Xbox 360 owners as if PS3 and Xbox 360 owners were suppose to care somehow?

I have a faint memory of something like that...

Yeah. Now that it's not coming to Wii U, it's suddenly a crappy game. This board is so full of ****. And this is coming from a Wii U owner.
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companies change their minds all the time.

it does sound like Nintendo wants to put money on other ventures, however.

If WiiU sells 10+ million, and more 3rd party games sell, I wouldn't rule it out. But I wouldn't hold my breath.
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Crysis doesn't sell all that well on the other consoles with large install bases so it would obviously sell even worse on the WiiU. It's a smart decision in my opinion and this is coming from somebody that has played both Crysis & Crysis 2 on 360.
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In other words, because they don't know if it will sell. None of this has to do with specs guys.
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What Nintendo needs to do is pay for a port and then do it themselves.
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From: Paladinrja | #013
These companies didn't take advantage of the Wii, now it seems they won't with the Wii U. What makes me laugh is that with the Wii it was understandable

The 360, PS3, and PC have established user bases, the WiiU does not.

Is it really that hard to comprehend? It's going to be a year or so before developers feel comfortable pushing their bigger titles onto the WiiU. This is going to happen with the 720 and PS4 as well, but the difference here is that Microsoft and Sony have the 360 and PS3 to fall back on for awhile until the two next generation consoles begin to take off.

Nintendo does not, and this is why the release of the Wii is STILL going to affect them even with the WiiU. Why do you think Nintendo was able to remain in the game with the 3DS even after it's abysmal launch and intitial sales? It wasn't because of the price-cut alone, it was because of the established user-base they had on the DS, and how the platform was still well supported in Japan, a Nintendo first.

Nintendo has always had that problem of, as soon as a new console or hand held comes out, they immediately drop all support on the older generation and push as much as they can on the new one, and it's never really done well for the company for their first year, which is expected based on things such as the price, the lack of games, and the simple fact that most developers don't really want to jump ship yet, which means the console usually has a lack of games for the first few months to a year.

I have no doubt that within a year the WiiU is going to be sitting comfortably with the 360 and PS3, if not at the back of the pack. But for now, it's going to have a slow start, and you can't fault publishers for not wanting to put titles on a system that, as of yet, has not proven it's self yet as something they can push sales on. I can almost guarantee EA, Activision, and the majority of the other western publishers are going to do the same thing with the PS4 and 720 when they release as well.
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Ness0123456789 posted...
Nintendo has always had that problem of, as soon as a new console or hand held comes out, they immediately drop all support on the older generation

They didn't do that with the NES. But aside from that, you're right.

Ness0123456789 posted...
I can almost guarantee EA, Activision, and the majority of the other western publishers are going to do the same thing with the PS4 and 720 when they release as well.

No, that's a different story. Don't pretend like the Wii-U can be compared to next-gen consoles.

The publishers are simply being realistic. 3rd party games don't sell on Nintendo platforms. Why do people expect them to constantly put that to the test? It's a pretty expensive experiment.
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I personally don't play Crysis but I do feel Nintendo needs to do what it can to get more third party support especially of the more popular games.

Forget bout the whole owning more than one console thing. The ones that can only afford to own one console are going to look at the games that are available for each system and the games that will be available before they make their decision.

Nintendo will always have their Nintendo Faithfuls but it doesn't hurt to be able to capture a bigger market share to make more money. I don't know any company that doesn't want to eventually make more money.

I'm not an industry analyst and I'm not an expert. I'm just a guy who loves my PS3 but I really want to see Nintendo compete for my money. So far I think Nintendo is doing a pretty good job with their current third party support but I definitely would like to see more titles announce.

I think it'd be great if Nintendo can convince me to jump ship and get a Wii U.
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Eoin posted...
The Black Ops 2 sales on Wii U must be terrifying for developers (and potential developers) of FPS games on Wii U. Obviously FPS games might still sell in reasonable or high numbers on Wii U, but any developer pitching an FPS game for Wii U (either as a multiplatform or a Wii U exclusive) to a publisher is going to have to be able to deal with the question: "Black Ops 2 didn't sell well on Wii U and that's one of the biggest games of all time. What's this game going to do differently?"

Meh, not so much, the game was released before the Wii U even came out. Anyone that wanted the game had already bought it on a new console. The numbers were bad, but they were circumstantially bad. In one year when the install base is better and they release a COD game at the same time as the other platforms, it will do much much better.

The real underlying problem is that the majority of Wii U owners didn't buy it for FPS games.
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Icecreamdunwich posted...
From: lazycomplife | #003
Looks like Nintendo denied their crappy game.

Wonder if Squatch is going to jump on this guy with his Super Paper Mario image about judging games without playing them?

Probably not, oh well.

I'll do it for him, since I'm not a fanboy.

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