Sold my Wii (bad idea -_-) Should I just go head ad snag a Wii U??

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DemonDog666 posted...
I really don't see any reason to get wiiU right now, that said buying your wii again seems equally pointless.

Quite the conundrum. I personally don't believe the Wii-U library will be worth the price of admission for another year.

There's the Wii-Mini, but shockingly it only offers composite output and cuts all online functionality... So maybe a refurbished Wii from GameStop would do the trick.
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I've never understood people who trade in games, sell systems, etc..... I mean what's the point? you are selling it at way less than what you paid for it and you are taking away the possibility of playing a game you purchased again (not to mention precious memories)

(I for one can't connect my SNES, NES, Sega Genesis, 32X, or PS2 Fat anymore simply because I don't have any of the connections needed to do so but that doesn't mean I'm gonna dump them either or any of the games I have for them they are mine and will forever remain in my care)

On the other end I have my Wii, XBOX 360 and PS3 all connected to my main TV in my room and my N64, PS2 Slim and Gamecube all connected to my living room TV because there always comes a day when I'm like I wanna play Diddy kong racing or Dragonball z Budokai or Resident Evil REmake

Sorry for the rant its just anytime I see gamestop offering some crazy 50% trade in bonus I'm like who would trade in for a game that's sure to drop in price within 2 months and low and behold I see a bunch of used games on the shelves
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I don't trade in either, but friends of mine do. There are a lot if games that I have that would have traded in decently when I stopped playing th and have not touched them since. Some see it as a loss of money, I see it as me ensuring my collection expands.
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You will be the one playing it or not playing it. It's your cash. Make your own mind up on it.

Other topics like this one also.

Even some I sold my WiiU for a 3DSXL topics.
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Just looking for need to get snarky ^_^
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Snarky?! I like that word. If I was a Pokemon, that would be my name. : )
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