IGN slams the Wii U launch, how can this be considered unbiased journalism?

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When this happens, doesn't the writer usually take it down after some criticism?

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AhnoldDood posted...
TheBonfini posted...
Well then tell me where you are getting your information from.

Nearly anywhere. Check a forum, a thread about insulting a game/product will get more views, more comments, and more replies than any other.

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Hahaha, yeah, you keep telling yourself that, man.

Ok so you just kept telling yourself to the point you blindly believe it and have zero credibility behind that statement. Duly noted.

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I read the entire article. This guy didn't bash a damn thing.

I love the Wii U as much as the next guy, but the writer brought up a lot of good and true points.

And I though IGN didn't matter?
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Its an opinion for one thing, and two, its pretty fair. Not a slam at all. Did the TC even read it? Its pretty spot on. Confusing, surprisingly silent. It doesn't call the system or the games bad at all, it simply finds a few shortcomings in marketing strategy.
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Well the article does have a few good points. I don't think Nintendo is doing a great job with the Wii U's publicity.
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40Dribylf posted...
Bonfini looking strangely hot in that dress and I'm not afraid to admit it

I'll take compliments from an obviously heterosexual man who is cofident in their sexuality any day of the week. No homophobia displayed, thank you very much.
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nintendo3000 posted...
So no one can't have their own opinions?

The problem is the writer didn't present it as an opinion, he presented it as an objective fact.
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You call that slamming, he was being kind to Nintendo...