Nintendoland DLC?

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User Info: Y34RX3R0

4 years ago#1
Think this would ever happen? I would throw money at more dk crash courses!
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User Info: niels200683

4 years ago#2
I hope so, but they should add it as new attractions...

So new DKC courses in an excite-bike theme (as was the original intent for it),

more Zelda-esque courses in a kid-icarus theme

more Metroid course in a star-fox theme

more candy-eating courses in a kirby theme

more haunted mansion in a pokemon theme (Haunter vs. Pichus)

Pikmin like levels in an Odama theme

Catch mario in a warioware theme, larger levels made fair by wario leaving a coin trail while he is running away.

F-zero esque extra levels using wave race or 1080 as a theme

Instead of shooting ninja stars, charge and shoot psi-powers in a mother themed shooting gallery game

Use similar mechanics to Octopus to play G&W Ball

Yoshi's fruit cart? Maybe some kind of game where you are bowser, and send minions through a top-down perspective mario bros. level - avoiding pitfalls and the like - trying to keep as much of your pre-determined formation alive on-route to peach's castle

Balloon flight can be expanded by an ice-sliding level with the ice climbers, where you need to touch + rotate semi-circle ice parts to ensure the two slide in the right direction, and can also speed up or hammer-attack enemies
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