Why did Nintendo sell true gamers out for the casuals...have they forgotten...

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You think a single casual that played SS would be able to beat Link to the Past? Ahahahaha no. But a new upgraded motion controller to play more gimmicky nonsense.

Hey troll, Skyward Sword was a lot harder than Link to the Past. It brought Zelda back to elitist gamers after the snoozefest that was Twilight Princess. Now Twilight Princess, THERE was a Zelda game made for casuals. Dumbed down difficulty, dark art style and generally glum mood to draw in the kiddies who complained about Wind Waker's art style, need I say more?

You are so wrong I don't even know where to start, oh my god.

A Link to the Past is one of the more difficult Zeldas, and certainly more difficult than any of the 3D Zeldas. Back when I first played it 15+ years ago, I remember dying countless times. There were enemies in the dark world that took off 4-6 hearts if they hit you. Bosses would destroy you if you weren't careful. I'm still challenged when I play it.

Yes, Twilight Princess was a joke in difficulty, and so was Skyward Sword, and so was Ocarina of Time, and so was Majora's Mask, and so was The Wind Waker.

Skyward Sword holds your hand throughout the majority of the game, much more than Twilight Princess ever did.

So what in the hell are you talking about.
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