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Name a game that didn't deserve to be on the Wii but on the Wii U instead.
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JiZamez177/24 5:38PM
Nintendo needs to make a new Captain N series.Poweranimals77/24 5:36PM
Wii U 3rd party support: will it surpass nes?
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dankeyspaan117/24 5:34PM
Buying a wii u on Tuesday. I have some questions.gameonlock67/24 5:30PM
I've always felt that Mario is the ''superman'' of video game characters.
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McmadnessV3117/24 5:18PM
Titles you wish were coming to Wii U?
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solidus9891377/24 5:08PM
Starting at which screen size is it worth it to get a 1080p TV?linkboy44747/24 5:07PM
will there ever be another F-ZERO game?reptileegg77/24 5:05PM
Any Wii360 owners of the previous generation gonna become WiiUPS4 owners now?
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Cheko2015147/24 4:54PM
Horror game Master Reboot on eShop now found a review for it!
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MGSDizzle137/24 4:41PM
So, Trine 1 is going to be on the Wii U eshop sometime this year.CubeTV67/24 4:40PM
Have $10 to spend on eshop... (Poll)RoyMaster497/24 4:40PM
I'm officially done with Nintendo after this year's Club Nintendo rewards.
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ZeroRaider2087/24 4:30PM
Is it possible to get Journey to Silius on the eshop?21_2147/24 4:27PM
Any news on Nintendo releasing WiiU in China?kingbadjo17/24 4:18PM
I think Nintendo heard my cries about Mario Kart.triple s17/24 4:16PM
Lock in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker preorder for $40 on! (no joke)
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charftino207/24 4:05PM
Dankey retro review 1: super metroid
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dankeyspaan387/24 3:50PM
Corrupt a wish :: Wii U Edition
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Ghost-inZeShell267/24 3:47PM
Are you picking up hyrule warriors upon release or waiting on reviews first?
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jdh1996397/24 3:38PM