Who here thinks Crytek is an awesome developer...

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digiblaster posted...
Never played one of their games. They look brilliant graphically but I haven't seen anything gameplay-wise that makes me think 'I need this game'.

It's the open world gameplay and ability to approach any situation how you want that makes the game great. The graphics are incredible, but really just an exclamation point on a good open world game. You can choose stealth, guns blazing, hunt them down one by one, vehicle attack, pretty much whatever you can dream up.

Crysis 2 and Warhead...not so much. I still recommend booting up Crysis and giving it a shot.
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ITT: People hate on Crytek because they're not developing for the Wii U
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I had Crysis 1 for the PC and C2 for the 360. Nothing really special about the franchise except for graphics. Crysis games are pretty bland. I know Crytek bought Free Radical so I want a new Timesplitters.
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crysis is one of the worst shooters ever made
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Xeeh_Bitz posted...
ITT: People hate on Crytek because they're not developing for the Wii U

Or people that couldn't run Crysis on their crap computers. Eh, w/e I enjoyed it.
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What games have they made besides Crysis? I don't play FPS.
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