So... Why did the GameCube not do well?

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My PS2 gave me less issues than my N64 or Wii ever did.
In fact it's still running just as good as the day I purchased it...

I love Nintendo, but really, you don't need to be a genius to see how the Gamecube was easily their worst console, not counting the ones that wouldn't last a single year.

Wait a sec. You mean to tell me your N64 & Wii broke; but you still have a 1st purchase PS2?
Don't you use it or something?

The handle on the cube was for portability. I myself never did that. We never had NGC parties like we did on the N64... Something died in Nintendo gamers with the NGC. I know why & I'll get to it later, but the console became the loners console.
Not necessarily because its users were Nintendo fanstics. People go with what they trust, looking forward to new renditions of games they like most.
Its those that got born down in puberty that probably had it worst. This maturity sloganism of Sony's, had real world consequences. Peer pressure & association was dependant on many circumstances, obviously. Though the cool crowd aligned with these mature content consoles (they're all toys to me).
So if you wanted the naughtiest chicks, the best social network, invites to the most risqué parties, drugs, alcohol, etc...
You are playing a PS2 or Xbox. Not Nintendo.
Why not? Thats where the MP's at, afterall.

All this is a falacy though. The MP is not there at all. Its different, its what come with association that seperates it, funnily enough, has nothing to do with gaming at all.

In my not inconsiderable years of gaming, I can honestly say that I have never met a more, snide, repulsive, malcontent being than that of the hypocritical nature of an 'ex-Nintendo' fan...the true ex-Nintendo fanboy.

Those that felt the need to not just swap their image of gaming for whatever other social statement they want to convey. Those that go even further, to troll Nintendo boards, especially at new console launches (this is not new), continuously harass, flame & derail conversations & topics; and just outright lie about anything & everything.
They carry with them a kind of rage that only comes with the psychology of hypocrisy & contradiction inherant in people that make choices for the wrong reasons.

Its a tragedy of the modern gamer generation that this has occurred. I have many gaming friends on PC, Xbox & Playstation, even Sega systems from the old days. Mostly because I play them all.
To date I have never encountered, so many so-called gamers like these who will do whatever it takes to detract from the wider audiences experiences.
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The Gamecube had a handle. The controllers looked like toys vs the competition.
Not dissing the Gamecube, but it looked like a toy. The other two looked a lot more like consoles do to today.

Oh, and the Gamecube had a handle.

Is there something mentally wrong with me then? I just don't understand this toy thing. I've never thought that about a game console. I also thought that handle was awesome. Made carrying the GC from a different room cool and easier. I wish all systems had handles actually. Plus if you dropped a GC you were good. Drop a PS2 and your SOL. PS2's broke like mad.

I just feel weird with the toy comments. Is that an American thing?

I never had a problem with the look of the console either. I thought and still think it looks cool. No problem with the color or the handle. It can't just be an American thing. I'm American.

For the majority, yes it is an American thing. Or more specific, an American capitalism thing. Not everyone fits the mold, but for market share... yes, America as a whole considered Gamecube a toy for kids.

I didn't. I knew the games Nintendo pushed for. But people judged by the cover, not by the game selection.

To appeal to mass market is what I am getting at. People that got Gamecube were either kids or a niche market. You would probably be the niche market sector of Nintendo.
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To those saying that the GameCube was a toy, does anyone remember the "Jet Black" color of GameCube?
With the black memory cards, black controller, black console...

Emo kid's paradise, right there.
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Gamecube is one of the best consoles ever made
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Because it didn't have a built-in DVD player. Then again, the Panasonic Q had one, and it did even worse...

If I had to guess, it's because it didn't cater to casuals. Look at all the best-selling systems The NES, the PS1, the PS2, and the Wii all catered to casuals. Heck, even the SNES targeted a wider audience than the Genesis. Casuals sell systems.

It's Nintendo.
They ALWAYS cater to casuals.

Not with the Gamecube. The gamecube was an awesome system and is the last system where Nintendo legitimately tried to get third party support, big name multiplats, and third party exclusives instead of vouching for crapware or getting third parties to develop exclusively for the system because of cost issues (hardware gap b/w ps3/360 and wii).
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There aren't even 10 good games on Gamecube that are exclusives.

Luigi's Mansion
Super Mario Sunshine
Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
Resident Evil Zero
Metroid Prime
Super Smash Bros Melee
Killer 7
Eternal Darkness
Animal Crossing
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Killer 7 isn't an exclusive... it was initially like Re4, but it eventually came out for the PS2 if I remember correctly.
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The world wasn't ready for the Gamecube, in my opinion.
Also, Super Mario Sunshine was a big departure. Wind Waker rubbed people the wrong way with its graphics. Most importantly, the PS2 was lighting the world on fire.

If a Gamecube equivalent launched this year instead of the Wii U, it would be killing fools.
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Bahamut_10th posted...
There aren't even 10 good games on Gamecube that are exclusives.

Personally it's the one Nintendo console I truly see as garbage. Reason why I ended putting it away in favor of my PS2 that generation.

what about rogue squadron?
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while the xbox andps2 was getting sequels to popular franchises and new ips, the gamecube was getting shovelware. lack of strong first party and third party support made the GC unattractive. that gen i got a gamecube first ,riding off the 64 era's high and expecting more of that greatness. what i got was a system i rarely played and a lot of disappointment.

shovelware, just like the wii, the gamecube was filled with shovelware. the difference between the wii and the gamcube is when nintendo actually did decide to make a game, they actually tried on the gamecube, whereas with the wii they just throw some waggle on it and call it a day.

You're not that familiar with even recent gaming history, are you? The PS2 was the all-time king of shovelware, even soundly trouncing the Wii, PS1, and NES. It's still my second favorite console ever, but it's crap section was colossal. It's just something that comes with being in first place.
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shampoowarrior posted...
The world wasn't ready for the Gamecube, in my opinion.
Also, Super Mario Sunshine was a big departure. Wind Waker rubbed people the wrong way with its graphics. Most importantly, the PS2 was lighting the world on fire.

If a Gamecube equivalent launched this year instead of the Wii U, it would be killing fools.

The Wii U is Nintendo going back to a more conventional system like the GC even though it has the unnecessary gamepad. It atleast is getting real games and not 90% motion crap.