Is there some kind of adapter to plug my GC controller into my Wiimote?

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Icecreamdunwich posted...
Sadly no, Nintendo wants to force their new controllers on us :c

I love your posts. So funny.
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DeathSoul2000 posted...
no. gamecube is 10 year old tech, why do you think they'd support it in 2013?

This. Just let go man. Just like the Wii let you use GCN controllers, the Wii U lets you use Wii controllers. Why not just allow NES, SNES or N64 controllers also? Learn to adapt. There is nothing that the Pro/Classic Controller can't do that the GCN controller can.

Why should I have to adapt when those games supported the Gamecube controller in the first place? I mean, I'm not sitting here asking for Smash Bros. 4 to use Gamecube, it's gotta go sometime, I get that, but hell, Brawl sold itself on having 4 control types.

How about because you're not using a GameCube? I mean, seriously, "why should I have to adapt"? Sure the Wii let you use GameCube controllers but you're not using a Wii are you?

No, I'm not using a Gamecube, but I'm playing games that until now had supported the Gamecube controller on a system that doesn't let me transfer my data back to a system that does support the Gamecube controller. It's like they took away functionality for this new system, which itself is fine, but they don't let me transfer anything back, nor did they let me pick and choose which games got transferred in the first place, and I'm left with no substitute. It just annoys me.
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Ray Ledgend 46 posted...
No, I'm not using a Gamecube, but I'm playing games that until now had supported the Gamecube controller

Unless you played it on a newer version of the Wii which also did not have Gamecube controller support.
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"GC is old tech" doesn't work as a valid argument when at least a few Wii games were designed withe GC controller in mind.

I don't think I've ever seen a console with such a messy and incompatible controller situation. Some don't work, some work only in Wii mode, some work only with Wii U games, but the Wii U controller doesn't work with Virtual console downloads, some Wii U games only support a Wii remote....ridiculous.
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