I hate Pikmin. So what AAA Nintendo games have been Announced?

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Depends on what you mean by "announced". As far as "confirmed in development" we've got a new Zelda, a 3D Mario game, Smash Bros., and a "much-requested" game from Retro that may or may not be Star Fox. None of these games ever got a trailer or title or anything, though, much less a release date.

Also depending on what you mean by "Nintendo game" you might count Bayonetta 2. It's as much a Nintendo game now as the first game was a Sega game (which is worth pointing out, because the first game was full of references to old Sega titles including entire shout-out levels with remixed music).

Don't forget monolith softs game,

And Miyamoto's secret title as well as a Mother project.
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I hate the term "AAA game". It basically means "this game is made by a well-known developer and everyone who's cool is getting it, so I'm getting it too".

I hear you. It also has no quantitative boundaries - anyone who's ever tried to define it uses nothing but vauge descriptions... "a big developer", "lots of manhours", "expensive to make", "a long time in development", etc.

I find it akin to the movie-term "blockbuster".

A: That movie is a blockbuster!
B: No, it isn't!
A: Yeah, it is!
B: Not even close.
C: Hey, A and B... what does it take to be a 'blockbuster', exactly?
A and B: http://alturl.com/wjjt2

Humanity in a nutshell. ;)
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