Are you worried of Wii U's fate when PS4 and 720 come out this year?

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I'm just worried the PS4 or the 720 will have that used game prevention technology. If they do implement that technology my decision to get the Wii U will be solidified. No excuse for not allowing me, my brother, and friends to trade games with each other.

Enjoy trading the 10 games on the system that's worth owning

Oooooh low blow there! If I was all over Wii U ***k I might be insulted but the fact is I'm a PS3 guy. I just won't allow myself to be screwed by the company I've been loyal to if they decide they want to implement that technology.

Rather than being blinded by loyalty to a game company I'm focusing what will be the most bang for my buck and being able to trade games any time I want is a HUGE factor.

Sorry, bro.... I just want to play great games. I don't care who makes them as long as they're great.

you obviously won't be playing many games because that's what the developers want. profit. so 8-10 games for you it is!

That doesn't even make sense. There's more than 10 games for the Wii U available right now.
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Wow, with power like that do you think we'll see things like this?

Most likely, the engine is very scale-able. The Wii U has also been confirmed to run it.

Yeah, its like running a pc game on the low setting with other options turned off compared to running the same game with medium to maximum settings.

Thats how engine scalability works.
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All I can think of when I peruse threads such as this is a sandbox full of bratty little gradeschoolers kicking sand at each other proclaiming "my dad could beat up your dad!" etc etc etc. - crissakes people, crack those basement curtains/get some fresh air once in a while. It's good to have civil discussions, but your wasting all this time/energy arguing over hunks of silicon and plastic as if they were your children. Hint: they're not, and if you think they are you really need more in your life.

Most of this site hasn't even had their first pube grow in yet so anything that's said can be taken with a grain of salt. The real gamers are busy playing games instead of screaming 'look at me' on message boards.
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PS4 is not coming out this year.
Bethesda not convinced people will buy the next xbox and PS4: your install base always starts at zero
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As long as I get to play the Nintendo games I want to play I'm good.
+ whatever else nintendo has to offer that I want.
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The Wii U will be fine. It can hold up to the "Son of Red Ring of Death" and "Giant Enemy Crab Take 2".

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Gaben's Steambox will pwn them all.

The Gabox.
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PS4 announcement coming in the next few months. then 720 at E3

Wii U is gonna be so dead, deader than dead fish
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I'm not. Wii U is Nintendo and Third Party developers' business, not mine. I'm going to get the gems this system receives, have a good time, and keep it moving as I have done from every generation to generation. Also, I'm skeptical about the PS4 and/or Xbox3 coming this year.
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PS4 announcement coming in the next few months. then 720 at E3

Wii U is gonna be so dead, deader than dead fish

Better pray that ps4 allows used games and is also cheaper than wii u to stand a chance.
Remember the Vita Vs 3ds debate?

didn't end well for the stronger hardware.
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