stop assuming the WiiU will recover like the 3DS

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Deleting my double post.
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trayvian posted...
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I am aware of what shipped means. You need to understand a company will not SHIP 2 million extra consoles if there isn't a DEMAND for said consoles. Simple economics.

A company will ship extra product fhs. The term for it is channel stuffing. That is also simple economics. And finance. And operations.

Yes, and "Channel Stuffing" is also illegal (at least in the U.S.), and the SEC has been known to go after & penalize such companies.

Not participating (as one can guess from my previous post), just making a point of fact to help this along in a more mature manner.
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>132 posts
>no wincest

What happened GameFAQS?
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The fun stopped :-(
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Recover from what? It's doing fine.
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