Who here is getting Aliens Colonel Marines

#31ZatchBellPosted 1/12/2013 4:05:09 PM
I am getting it for WII U as soon as it comes out.
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#32slyman19Posted 1/12/2013 4:26:14 PM
If I have a Wii U by that time, than absolutely.
#33Lozh900Posted 1/12/2013 4:35:20 PM
Sailor Goon posted...
I'll probably get it, on the 360 or PC. I'd rather get the superior version.

Bye then, please LET the door hit you on the way out.
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#34PrinceOfHotPosted 1/12/2013 4:59:03 PM
Wii U is supposed to be the best version by far, confirmed by developers. Even better than PC because the of the Tablet AND THE RADAR OMGOOMGOMGOGMOGMOGM
#35Rasputin77Posted 1/12/2013 5:01:36 PM
Yep. PS3.
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#36DJNfinityPosted 1/12/2013 5:04:19 PM
Yes, and on the Wii U.
#37SocranPosted 1/12/2013 5:06:11 PM
Phange 2 posted...
You mean aside from the fact that it was developed by Gearbox, who made Borderlands 2?

...At the same time that a completely different team within the company was actually making Borderlands 2.

Anywho, I'm still not sure whether it'll be good or not, and will wait to see before I buy it. One upside to the Wii U delay is that I can do that and still get it day one, along with any pre-order bonuses. I'm certainly looking forward to it, and hope it turns out to be a great game.
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#38Panic_at_discoPosted 1/12/2013 5:12:53 PM
will be for sure for wii u if it ever comes out :(?
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#39melbye80Posted 1/12/2013 5:50:01 PM
Yes, WiiU version is pre-ordered
#40STE573Posted 1/12/2013 7:16:10 PM(edited)
Are people really comparing a console version to a PC version? Are they idiots?


Go ahead, gloat about your superior PC version, but the amount you get screwed out of is more than enough to warrent us gloating back at the amount of lazy PC ports you get.
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