What would make E3 2013 terrible?

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Another game being pulled from Nintendo's conference that should have been shown.

Seriously, we were all expecting Retro Studios' game at E3 2012, but all we got was an awkward NintendoLand fireworks show.

Also they pulled the Platinum Games game from the main show, like seriously, you have the ULTIMATE 3rd party game and you're shafting it for crap that will convince nobody to turn off their xbox and play the Wii U for?

Did you just refer to Bayonetta 2 as the "ULTIMATE 3rd party game"?

I mean I know your shtick, but I'm just curious.

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No new console announcements
No Mario, Zelda, Metroid or SSB annoucnements
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An official announcement by all third-party companies that refuse to develop for the Wii U confirming that they all want to exterminate Nintendo and its fanbase.
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mr caffeine, that drummer dude and usher doing a segment for a dance game
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Wonderful 101

lol. Ok.
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- Seeing no support for the Wii U via 1st party *Even though i don't have a Wii U, at least give me a reason to get one)

- Not seeing a new 1st party IP

- Also just not seeing a new Mario or Zelda game in general for the 3DS or Wii/Wii U

I'm very hard to impress when it comes to E3 so it takes a lot to impress me. I just want to see something for the Wii U is all. It they can do that then I'm all set.
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Another wasted E3 from Nintendo, when concerning the WiIU. The last two were horrible.
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Everything collapses resulting in a large number of deaths. THAT would be terrible.
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No first party games.
Every game is Mii wagglan fest or closely related to it.
A first party game gets dumbed down somehow.
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Wonderbook 2
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