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Have they started putting the Wii games on the eshop yet?chronotrig10031/27 9:33AM
Would You be Upset if Nintendo Released Its Next Console in 2016?
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SampsonM661/27 9:25AM
Nintendo trying to push Fatal Frame to Western Audiencesyoshirider1351/27 9:22AM
So are they ever going to bring another Monster Hunter to Wii U?
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VejitaSS4141/27 9:20AM
Target Terror on Wii U?Lightwarrior1161/27 9:15AM
Rate That Wii U Game - Super Mario 3D World (Poll)
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ComradeRyan451/27 9:07AM
On a scale of 1 to Holy S***, how excited are you for Zelda U? (Poll)
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fon1988191/27 9:07AM
Good open-world games for Wii U?
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sage2001171/27 9:03AM
What is something NIntendo has done in the past 10 years
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SolomonBenDavid161/27 9:02AM
Looks like gematsu was right. Chorus Kids data found in SmashVRX300021/27 9:00AM
Since Amiibos seem to the the hop topic right nowLink142991/27 8:42AM
People calling super mario 64 open world must be out of their minds.
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ponystation4141/27 8:39AM
Mario Party 10 Amiibo Party QuestionTheZuperHero51/27 8:29AM
anyone ever experience issues with pro controller?bigpoppapat81/27 8:27AM
Wii U should have more point and click games as eshop downloadscarljenk11/27 8:25AM
Digital Deluxe promo has been extended?MBBDarigon41/27 8:22AM
Should I get a ps 4 or a wii U?
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ponylord541/27 8:09AM
What do you dislike about Nintendo
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Yetiforever331/27 7:50AM
The Public PSA Announcement: Rosalina amiibo now shipping from Target (US of A).pipebomb__sushi81/27 7:28AM
YR: Smash 4 Veteran's DLC packbicboi6441/27 7:23AM