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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse or Majoras Mask 3D?
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Cougar_Pride113/1 6:29PM
Do you think the Wii U has too many cartoon style games? (Poll)
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Megamushroom666363/1 6:19PM
Wii U GBA E Shop Games Aspect Ratiosaint3573/1 6:09PM
How do FFXV fans feel about this? (Xenoblade X related)Jaewong83/1 5:54PM
How do I use pro controller instead off the tablet?metal0133/1 5:50PM
April-Yoshi's Wooly World or Mario Maker?
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Nintenfan1456253/1 5:41PM
Can I share a external HDD between the Wii U and my computer?JurassicBond63/1 5:16PM
Would be cool if you could somehow register your physical game so you can...AttackOnTitan23/1 5:10PM
C/D: Nintendo should have done something like New Play Control on the wiiuWellComeOn33/1 4:53PM
New Wii u owner looking for good Nintendo eshop deals.Ghost of Brandon Lee23/1 4:23PM
My Wii U won't connect to the Internet and its pissing me off.
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HiiiiiTechnical133/1 3:53PM
Choose 3 for e3!
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chickenchech653/1 3:46PM
Gimmick vs power. Which one would you rather have for a new Nintento system? (Poll)
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Nemerlight473/1 3:38PM
Should Nintendo release a 2D Zelda Maker?
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SolidKnight113/1 3:35PM
Will the DKC games be released as a pack on the VC?petpanic33/1 3:14PM
Is the wonderful 101 really ok?
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dynakong113/1 2:58PM
Is bad to leave my Wii U on for long periods of time?
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kubricklynch223/1 2:55PM
Seems like sonic is still going to be on home consoles so far
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Snow-Dust183/1 2:50PM
Nintendo has the Best Exclusives out of all the main 3 consoles.
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KAnE3o1393/1 2:39PM
Metroid Prime was on its way to being my literal favorite game of all time until
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KayJayRight173/1 2:33PM