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Looks like Nintendo hates Amy RoseThat_Damn_Kid810/30 9:39AM
Is the Wii U your only gaming system and if so how do you survive?
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AstralFrost10010/30 9:31AM
How do I contact email Square Enix? I want to ask about the Final Fantasy games
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gfaqster1210/30 9:26AM
Can we all stop pretending to pretend?alexismynamexx610/30 9:08AM
I honestly do not understand the gloom & doom...
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YHWH_Saves2710/30 9:01AM
Game pad chargerCheffernan13710/30 8:33AM
Are You Going To Purchase Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker? (Poll)
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ComradeRyan7610/30 7:48AM
Sonic Boom UK Preorder bonusSonytendo210/30 7:37AM
How are all the games on sale?snvndsho310/30 7:33AM
Does the Wii U deserve to succeed with its current business model? A discussion. (Poll)
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AstralFrost4810/30 7:26AM
Will you be getting Watch Dogs on Nov.18 for Wii U? (Poll)
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Mandrew2576110/30 7:05AM
I kinda want Nintendo to remake the old 2D handheld Zelda's_KuroHana_110/30 6:57AM
I'm lookin' forward to Sonic Boom
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_KuroHana_1510/30 6:34AM
Which Multiplayer game for casual gamers?SangYuP210/30 5:45AM
So I finally played Donkey Kong Country on the VC after years of wanting to.
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Dark_Link921610/30 5:36AM
If I could only get one of these two vc games releasing tomorrow...Trevor_Belmont610/30 5:26AM
Seeing how bayonetta runs in Panther form makes me sad as it reminds me ofSnow-Dust210/30 5:07AM
Eminem confirms Smash Bros&Wii U>>>Destiny
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UltraPlanet1510/30 4:48AM
Got some strange substance stuck on the back of my Gamepad... (Closed)detchibe510/30 4:19AM
This is it boys. We're nearing the last big holiday season for the Wii U.KroganBaIIEater1010/30 3:56AM