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Make a list of all WiiU titles and Amiboo characters you plan to purchase.
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ScarsAlign1510/25 9:30AM
Amigos store souls?Metal_Gear_Link510/25 9:28AM
How is bayonetta 2 doing on the eshop charts?thefabregas22110/25 9:28AM
I better not see any of you guys complaining about not getting games...
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Mandrew2573110/25 9:09AM
3D World Bundle 269.99 EbAYCHRISS1928110/25 9:05AM
Whatever happened to that Phillips/Nintendo Lawsuit?SlickGamer810/25 9:05AM
Playboy dresses up Pamela Horton as Bayonetta. (SFW Cosplay)
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xXDa-KidXx5110/25 8:26AM
so is the online free?Mike_24_7310/25 8:23AM
Does Mass Effect 3 Special Edition for the Wii U have a reversible cover?levyjl1988910/25 8:02AM
So Bayonetta 2 comes with the first game, right?seltraeh22410/25 7:56AM
<::::::::::{}xxx{} Bayonetta 2 = system seller {}xxx{}::::::::::>AncientAstro110/25 7:48AM
Nintendo says No minimum sales requirement for devs/pubs to make money on eShopPS4Warrior1010/25 7:46AM
BEST Wii U Bundle available? I'm going to buy one SOON!BlackFeathers610/25 7:27AM
The Bayo 2 Collectors is a bit, basic.DEMONPANDA212810/25 7:24AM
Batonetta is way too over the topwinston29wed510/25 7:20AM
Whats a classic nintendo game youve never beat, and one you never played?
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locky7233710/25 7:19AM
Europe - Project CARS hitting Wii U after March 2015
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PS4Warrior1110/25 7:17AM
Bayonetta 2 countdown topic!
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bayonetta2goty1810/25 7:08AM
I climaxed
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velvet_hammer1710/25 6:00AM
Wii U LAN adapter questionRedAhmed910/25 4:20AM