Nintendo has done it.

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Ya I like Baha, he can carry a discussion with out calling names.

I just don't know what is hypocritical of what I said. If I only targeted one group or the other it would be, but I don't. Also, I posted in this very topic how impressive it actually is for a company to remain relevant in a technology based industry for almost three whole decades.

Just making a cheap shot and running like a child is all that posted has to offer is no skin off my back.
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Tbh miiverse is a great place, I just wish you could have private forums on it.
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TheBonfini posted...
knightimex posted...
Zero254 posted...
They managed to get me to own almost all of their consoles except for the virtual boy.

I might get a vita next though.(when the price drops)
I call virtual boy a console and it's not very portable.

Vita isn't worth $5.
At best my vita has games from well over a decade ago.

Wait for it to be $20.
I doubt it'll have anything fun to play even in the distant future.
I'd sell my vita but I downloaded too many ps1 games for it

Posts like this get a pass around here, which is shameful and motivates trolls.

Please, don't act like this isn't common on every system board. Never mind you should realise what troll you're quoting.