Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed or Batman Arkham City?

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I have both for my Wii U (just beat the main story of AC last night, actually) and you really can't go wrong with either. Sonic Racing has a ton of content, fun and challenging gameplay, plenty of unlockables, and multiplayer is fun. Batman also has a ton of content, and is just all-around kickass throughout the entire thing.

I'd say get both at some point down the line, and for now choose what you'd like more, a multiplayer kart racer or a beefy single-player game.
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Tino_Tonitini2 posted...
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How is the online community for sonic racing?

A bit light on the amount of players that can be found but it seems to be a problem with all versions of the game, not just the Wii U one. I guess not enough are buying it or at least not going online with it. I've gotten the impression though that the online community for the Wii U version might be relatively beefier than the other versions, if only slightly.

Cool thanks!
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