Looks like the final nail in the coffin...

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User Info: GloryChaos

4 years ago#1
There should be a warioware micro game where you have to nail down the cover on some old, dead Nintendo relics. Ice Climbers, Takamaru, and the virtual boy would all require a different amount of nails to be pounded in.

Hell, I could make this game myself. Warioware DIY needs a direct sequel on the 3ds. Keep letting us make our own games.
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User Info: DiscostewSM

4 years ago#2
Like Pringles, one is never enough.
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User Info: jmichaelbp

4 years ago#3
*About to put the final the nail in the coffin*

*fails and smashes his hand*


(Yeah, I read what ya said TC but this did happen to me.)
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User Info: Maxx_the_Slash

4 years ago#4
Was Takamaru ever a relic to begin with? I don't even think it was a series (1 game and a mini-game in Nintendo Land is far from prominent).

Ice Climbers as a franchise is relatively dead, but the brand is still kicking, as long as Popo and Nana stay in Smash Bros.

As for a DIY sequel for the 3DS... only if we can make full games. Enough of this microgame 3-second-long **** things we're forced to make. Something where we can make 10-20 minute long games would be great.
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