How many people that followed Wii U from the start are still having delusions?

#61TerotrousPosted 1/17/2013 9:46:37 AM
Nintendo hardly has any IPs

Lol. Nintendo has at least 50 distinct IPs ranging across every genre, far more than any other developer.

Here's a short list of some things that might be nice to see from Nintendo.

-Another 2D Mario that improves on NSMBW (this is already out)

-Another Pikmin game that goes back to Pikmin 1's mechanics (already on the way)

-Smash 4 (already known to be in development)

-A new Mario Kart that actually has some degree of game balance.

-Another 3D Mario game that plays either like 64 or 3D land

-Another Zelda game that learns from Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword

-A new F-Zero game

-A new Starfox game that plays like 64 and lacks gimmicks

-Some new Pokemon spinoff (a mainline game would be nice but we all know it's never happening)

-Another Kirby game, either something new in the style of Returns to Dreamland or if they're really brave they could finally try making a Kirby 3D platformer.

-Another Metroid game that retains the few things Other M did well while not being horrific to sit through

-A revival of one or more of their Puzzle Game franchises, like Tetris Attack, Yoshi's Cookie or Wario's Woods.

-Baten Kaitos 3 or whatever Monolith is working on.

-A new Paper Mario that plays like TTYD

-The return of Custom Robo

-Something from Skip that actually gets localized here

-Something new from the Mario Sports franchise. Possibly the return of Golf, which has been dormant for a while.

-Another Donkey Kong game, either 2D or 3D, if they don't decide to go 3D with any of their other properties.

-Either Fire Emblem or Advance Wars. AW might be better since it's been dormant.

-Game and Watch might be a good fit for the gamepad, perhaps G&W Gallery could make a comeback.

As you can see there's loads to choose from. And there isn't even anything here that's like an insane pipe dream or anything.
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