I really hope the next Zelda keeps motion controls

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3 years ago#11
I really hope it doesn't.. If motion controls are in the game, I will not be purchasing it.

They were so bad in SS, I stopped playing after the first dungeon.
3 years ago#12
No thanks.
3 years ago#13
So Topic Creator would rather take inaccurate and laggy over accurate and instantaneous?
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3 years ago#14
Nate_Dihldorff posted...
So Topic Creator would rather take inaccurate and laggy over accurate and instantaneous?

wrong SS controlled great, and it would be a huge step backward if they got rid of motion controls for zelda.
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3 years ago#15
I agree with TC. I love Skyward Swords motion controls.
3 years ago#16
they should have the option to switch between the two
I loved the motion controls but some people just dont like em
plus the way that zelda demo played was intersting
3 years ago#17
This is the saddest thing about the Wii.U
I loved the Nunchuck and Wiimote. I was hoping it will be improved upon and be align with the move. The Gamepad whilst I love seems ALMOST a step backwards. Its just gamepad.........with a screen (ok I admit I am kinda downplaying the features).

I miss pointing at all the objects at screen.
3 years ago#18
From: PaladinAlik | #004
I felt combat was always great, its been 1 on 1 since OoT honestly and it works just fine. cannot say that flinging the wiimote around for me was ever effective unless the enemy's weak spot was exposed and he was prone.

You ignored my Simon comment. Damn near every single fight with a humanoid enemy was a chore and felt the same. You couldn't use new techniques throughout the game and you were stuck ONLY using the sword. They need to fix that.

TWW and TP had excellent combat systems. They were fun, cool, and simple. TWW had parrying and Link looked like an absolute badass. TP was great on the Gamecube and didn't have to deal with the shaky, often-inaccurate Wii Remote controls. The combat system in the game, the way you can gain new moves, was an awesome jump forward and could easily be improved upon.

And flinging the Wiimote was effective for me after the first hit with most enemies. That's poorly designed imo. And for the Imprisoned sections, the only thing you're doing is flinging the Wiimote. I'd much rather push a button. At least it's precise and I can time things much more accurately.
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3 years ago#19
Hopefully they get rid of the crappy motion controls
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3 years ago#20
PaladinAlik posted...
trenken posted...
It better use the gamepad and ditch the motion controls. I didnt buy a Wii U to play every game with the Wii's waggle controller.

if you waggled in SS than you were doing it wrong

I hope we get more motion controls in the next zelda. Precision cutting ftw

The bold part is correct for 95% of Wii games.

I thought the controls were handled well, although some more tweaking couldn't have hurt. Saying that though, I think If motion controls are to be used AT ALL, they need to be used sparingly for the upcoming Zelda. SS will be the only Zelda I don't replay....
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