The Wii U Stumbles in Japan (But Don't Count Nintendo Out)

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While it is true that the Vita is selling worse than the Dreamcast did during it's lifespan, it's not correct to say that it had the worse sales of any console.

Thing is I am not saying the Vita is having the all time worst sales ever, it jus has some of the worst sales for the time its been out. I mean cone on we got to admit the Vita has had some pretty bad weeks. Also love how petty Ice us being in claiming I just joined the generation despite gaming since the 90s
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And ignoring the fact that all the consoles dropped this week...

While I do agree with the fact that all sales dropped this week as they usually do it's kinda funny seeing you in a reversed roll from the one you play on the Vita boards.

It's like bizaro world.

Same. Guess that's what happens when his console of choice is dropping like lead.

I didn't mean it like that, so please don't use my words to justify yours. I simply meant that I usually see him playing the roll of the antagonist to the Vita fanboys and it's weird seeing him defending a system instead.
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Oh I know, it's funny since he trolls the vita board so often.
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SenorHypocrisy at it again
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From: Baha05 | #005
Consoles do tend to drop in sales numbers you know, but they can also pick up. I mean hey if the Vita can get away with low sales then the Wii U should be fine

The fact that the wii u is constantly compared to the Vita is troubling. The Vita is not the console I would want to be competing wth if I was a home console manufacturer.

From: SS4_Namreppiv | #023

Neglected to mention that the Wii U outsold the 360 by quite a margin....

3DS LL 56,377
3DS 36,284
PS3 22,991
Wii U 20,715
PSP 17,069
Vita 11,088
Wii 1,873
Xbox 360 921
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lol at thinking anybody cares about outselling the 360 in japan.
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Did you really say the Vita had some of the worst sales numbers for any console...? Delusional.

Well except it does, I mean by the time July came around the Vita only sold roughly 2.2 million and it is slowly finally catching up in sales and even slightly beating the Wii U

Think about what you are saying here. There are sooo many consoles and handhelds with worse sales lol.

Yeah but weren't those considered failures. Yeah, if you want to say the vita is doing better than the ngage then ok but that's not much of a statement. On topic, continuing at 20k per for a few weeks would be pretty bad so we'll have to wait to see if that continues.
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I can't wait to see this spun so hard.

Inb4 Squatch22

Oh don't worry, he can't resist the urge to defend Nintedo even though they are actually doing worst in his country. It's selling less than the Vita which they label a failure, lol.

Admit it, you and Squatch know each other in real life. You've arranged these things to put on a show for the board. And Squatch is a girl and you two are in love and were in the bed, "doing something", yesterday.
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Let's hope so, because these sales are worrying.

Why do you care so much even though you have no interest in the console?
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Squatch is the quintessential fanboy. Not only does he vehemently defend nintendo on this board, but he also apparently vehemently trolls sony on other board(s). Double whammy.

Now watch him post a something like irony, or hypocrite, two words which he clearly does not fully understand.
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Handhelds like the 3DS and the Vita are cobsoles though, they just aren't home consoles but my pont is that all consiles have a tendency to flux up and down in terms of sales. Given the example for the Vita was just a point that sometimes sales tend to be low but it doesnt mean a system will fail, and sales can jump back up
"I think there will be a price drop at the latest by E3. I'd even bet my account on it." Icecreamdunwich