When do you consider a console to be a failure?

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My intention is not to take the trolls seriously, but to have a legitimate discussion about this topic.

First of all, it doesn't matter if you, random gamefaqs poster, consider something to be a success or failure, because your uninformed opinion doesn't matter. What REALLY matters is whether industry analysts, investors, and even the manufacturer themselves believe it to be a success or failure. So, in order to accurately determine whether the Wii U has been a success or failure we will not only have to wait at least 1 full year to see how sales are going but we will also have to see what analysts say, what happens to Nintendo stock, and what Nintendo says about the Wii U.

However, in the mean time, what is your personal criteria about whether the Wii U is a failure? Let's flesh this out there. Here are some options. Tell me if these scenarios in your mind make the Wii U a failure:

Is the Wii U a failure if it ends up defeating the next generation XBox and PS4, but overall sales of all three consoles are VERY low (because the video game market is suffering, and sales for everything continue to drop, so suppose each sells fewer than 20 million consoles each, Nintendo still comes in first, but all three do not meet expectations).

Is the Wii U a failure if by some miracle all three next generation consoles sell well (around 75 million units or more each) but the Wii U comes in a close second or a close third, but still stills 60-70 million units, making Nintendo a lot of money and maintaining good market share?

Is the Wii U a failure if it comes in third, but sells 22 million (like the Gamecube) coming in a distant last, but still sells enough to almost break even for Nintendo?

Is the Wii U a failure if it sells less than 20 million units, comes in third to Sony and Microsoft, and Nintendo loses money and market share, and stops producing consoles?
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When Call of Duty fails on the console.
It's a profit deal.
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After 3 years.

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MichaeIPachter posted...
When Call of Duty fails on the console.

MS is in trouble then.
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I don't tremendously care about sales figures but I would say that the WiiU would be a failure to Nintendo if they don't manage to break even during its lifespan.

To me, it's not a failure as long as it has 10 games that I want to play and enjoy.
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Would b a failure in all those options except #2. Companies don't develop products with the intention of breaking even.
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Since the definition is going to vary from person to person, these conversations are moot.

However, that won't stop people from thinking they have something to prove, which in turn, makes this board entertaining. ;)
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A console is a failure when the company has to stop developing hardware, cause of it... like Sega.

The only way I suppose anyone could consider a console a failure is if the company don't make any profit from it. The Wii blew the PS3/360, but neither of those consoles could be considered a failure.

There are so many things to take into account, but one things for sure. No one could decide already. Same for the Vita as well. At least two years.
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When it won't boot and I have to send it in for repair.

I don't really worry about commercial success of any particular game machine. There's plenty of gaming to go around.
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Rasputin77 posted...
Since the definition is going to vary from person to person, these conversations are moot.

Then maybe you should have read my opening paragraph about how the only reality that matters is the opinion that comes from industry analysts, investors, and the console manufacturers themselves.

However, even the uninformed types can benefit from considering many different scenarios that could happen with the Wii U to gain a better perspective of what could be considered failure and what could not.