If the power of the Durango and Orbis are led to be true...

#11SychinLegacyPosted 1/17/2013 1:37:47 PM
private400 posted...
We ? delusional?
its you people who are delusional.
you people seem unable to accept that 8 YEARS have past
Why should they even bother making a new console if it doesn't make any progress whatsoever???
Sony is not nintendo!
ok here's the deal: i predict that ps 4 will be 10 x stronger than a ps3 and will be equal to a top of the line pc.

if i am proven wrong i will give you an apology and eat a bag of sawdust.

Progress for the sake of progress always ends badly.
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TheBonfini posted...
The damage isn't being done with the specs. It is the third parties whom chose to use that power on the system.

The Wii-U will be fully capable of have simultaneous releases of third party games with the other consoles.

This. Over and over. Third party games have been the bane of Ninty's existence for the last 3 generations. Granted there have been some truly awesome exclusive brought by third parties, but they also lacked a solid 80% of all of the multiplatform games
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