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PSA: eShop Cyber Deals are coming! (11/27-12/2)
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burningxbridges2911/26 4:24PM
Costume Quest 2 just updated...LordJackal511/26 4:10PM
where the hell are all the Wii remasters????
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zado194711/26 4:03PM
Wii U Time articleMrMacgamer911/26 4:01PM
I met my first person who didn't know the difference between a Wii and Wii U.
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Jagus2611/26 3:53PM
Time: 13 Reasons Id Still Pick Nintendos Wii U Over the PS4 and Xbox Oneterranigma73511/26 3:39PM
Is Wolf 3d on the vc?SILENTGHOSTS96111/26 3:24PM
Splatoon is looking better and better!
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xXDa-KidXx2311/26 3:07PM
Club Nintendo of Europe and Australia are giving out Mario Kart 8 badge sets
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SegavsCapcom1411/26 3:03PM
A weird question regarding wii to wiiU transferPrimum_Mobile311/26 3:03PM
So WOW Gamefly has stock of Super Smash brothers!SILENTGHOSTS96111/26 2:54PM
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Anyone own Nintendo stock?b1gt0ne511/26 2:20PM
Can you create your on profile on wii u and transfer it later?cell2355211/26 2:17PM
Wii U GOTY 2014: Bayonetta 2 or Smash Wii U? (Poll)
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Megamushroom6661611/26 1:49PM
Game of the Month: November 2014DuranManII911/26 1:40PM
Nintendo has a 76.9% chance of bankruptcy within the next 2 years! Outrageous! (Poll)
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meteor66661211/26 1:29PM
nintendeeo bankrrupt in 76% yearss!spartansbrother911/26 1:26PM
Considering getting a Wii U, have some questions
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butterbeancd1711/26 1:10PM
So is that it for the WiiU now?
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Nolax2811/26 1:01PM