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Which of these Mario franchise titles would you most want to see announced at E3 (Poll)
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Amber LightWolfx91121/29 4:20PM
My Club Nintendo Smash Bros Posters came in and one of them is blank.
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Foo__Fighters151/29 3:59PM
Question about certain Amiibosandizzle2966241/29 3:58PM
For anyone on the fence about picking up the Metroid Prime Trilogy...X_Ste_90_X11/29 3:58PM
In retrospect, I don't really know why I bought Metroid Prime TrilogyDiscomaster91/29 3:54PM
Finally got a Wii UNewman502331/29 3:51PM
Went on a splurge. Don't care about Club Nintendo. Have fun.Links_Big_Key91/29 3:49PM
Club Nintendo Codes
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Dragoncavalier881/29 3:45PM
Hard DriveWolfx91151/29 3:44PM
7000 MEGABITES!!?? Twill is not pleased
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Twill_111/29 3:39PM
The next Mario kart should be like Double Dash.Infinity837841/29 3:36PM
If splatoon is successful, do you think nintendo willstart to open more studios?majorasmaskfan41/29 3:35PM
Should i buy a hard drive?Wolfx91171/29 3:33PM
Wii U: Buy or not?AnimalManBuddyB51/29 3:29PM
Xenoblade is so big it almost takes up the whole memory on a Wii U disk
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felipin24471/29 3:26PM
did the sonic boom patch do anything?snvndsho31/29 3:18PM
Wave 3 amiibo bring big lines to Nintendo World StoreRobJ2421/29 3:11PM
Playing CoD on LAN versus CoD on WiFI with the Wii U...
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Cubfan082131/29 3:07PM
Thank you, Walmart, for canceling my Mega Man amiibo (Closed)KenshinXSlayer21/29 3:03PM