Did Reggie lie to us about the Wii U?

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thundercat2600 posted...
b1gt0ne posted...
It does look better on WiiU....and OLD

It looks identical to the 360 version and runs at a worse framerate. Is that what you'd consider "dramatically better"?

Worse framerate?? I never had a framerate drop on single player, haven't played online.
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b1gt0ne posted...
It does look better on WiiU....and OLD

Well I assume he found it while looking for the "Xbox 1.5" quote by Reggie which was actually by Ken Kutaragi and when called on it still tried to say Reggie said it.


That's the reason this old quote was brought up
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Ninja Gaiden 3 looks better than the 360 version if you want to be technical. So in that respect he was partially correct?
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The spawns in multiplayer still suck in all versions. So who cares about which one looks better? What Reggie should have said was, "Wii U has Ghost Recon Online and the other consoles don't." That would have made more of an impact, but yeah...so much for that.
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Yes he did. Now they need to fire him.
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Of course he did. That's his job. He's a salesman.
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Did you really have to regurgitate this again?
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I play both Call of Duty on X360 and Nintendo Wii / Wii U.

1. First they both have the same graphics.
2. Wii U has better lighting. Gamepad makes that lighting go away. So for one, you should only play on a TV.
3. Wii U has less lag, but worse framerates. The framerate issue is only on one map for me.
4. It's better to play this game on the Wii U (Coming from someone who has being playing since CoD2 on the original Xbox)

Xbox is overrated. If your paying to play CoD and only CoD for the Xbox. You're a degenerate. I'd honestly go play on the PS3. Xbox is the most overrated system and I love it still for games that aren't FPS.
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ITT: It's November of last year. Are you looking forward to Christmas?
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Buretsu posted...
ITT: It's November of last year. Are you looking forward to Christmas?

Right, because a LIE somehow becomes okay after a couple months have passed.
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