Sign if your part of the miyamoto generation

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I was born in 93 but I started gaming with the NES, Genesis and SNES at the same time and later the N64.
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I was playing Nintendo games on my Atari 2600, before the NES.

Donkey Kong?

And Mario Bros. And Donkey Kong Jr.
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I am a child of Genesis, please forgiveth me. I was swayed by the false prophet Sonic. I saw the error of my ways and set on the path of the Nintendo 64.
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Born in 1984, started with the NES in 1988 and one of my first 3 games was Super Mario Bros. I should qualify.
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This topic is full of sad.

teenager confirmed

if you were born in 1990 your not a teenager. same with 91 and 92 and up to the current day for 93s. assuming teenager = someone whos >19
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