With all the arguments of "power" aside, can we just focus on one thing?

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Based off the sales of Wii U games, it wont be long before they stop supporting Wii U, just like how they left the Wii.

There will be plenty of shovelware tablet games to play though!

Nothing wrong with the Wii U games sales, they are healthy enough. If you are talking about the 3rd Party Ports well there's your answer to that, those games are ports.

They are worst then gamecubes were, not even half as good.
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Back in 1995, earthbound had bad review because of it's bad graphic and cuteness
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The question isn't "Can the devs work around it?" Of course they can work around it.

The real question is, are they going to blow resources working around it? And given the third party history with Nintendo, they will move on from Ninty once again.

Of course if devs actually want to put games out on the system to sell, just like they had to figure out how to developer for the 360/Wii/PS3 and just about every console before that too.

It's not that easy, they have to put a next gen game on a console that is equivalent to last gen, it will cost them more to make a worse experience and they will still have to sacrifise gameplay elements and dumb it down. They would just be costly betty's I don't see many devs doing that.
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TC, my eyes have adjusted and I'm now finding the PS3's graphics "basic". We're always impressed when a new generation starts, but we get used to it. If you think graphics hit the ceiling (people like you say this every gen), then look no further than the PC.

Now then, if you want to get a little more philosophical and start talking about whether or not there is a theoretical limit we can reach for graphics, that's another story. Even if we do reach this supposed limit, we can still improve the immersion factor and the complexity of the games themselves. We're a far cry away from full blown virtual reality.
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They are worst then gamecubes were, not even half as good.

And yet sales can pick up, fact of the matter is though developers can work around the hardware. In fact all developers have to work with console limitations.
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Wii U = Virginia

Freezee Pop = Xbox 720

Freezee Pop : ''Virginia (Wii U) hanging out with little boys (casual and kid) in spandex i see!''