just played my Nintendo wii in over 3 years

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thinking of unpacking my Wii again this summer to play Skywards Sword, Last Story, Xenoblade and some Chocobo Dungeon game. Haven't touched it since Smash Bros was out.
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Crimson681 posted...
You're not the only one. Everyone I know personally who owns a Wii, has it collecting dust somewhere. They had a nice gimmick with the Wii-mote that got a ton of casuals and others who aren't typically gamers to buy it just because it was something new.

Nothing is new with the Wii-U, the remote is clumsy, it has low battery life, the screen can be broken easily by a kid, and its hardware is barely up to PS3/360, and it costs more, and lacks game variety other than multiplatform shovel ware much of which are already old games on the other systems, which also run better and are cheaper on PS3/360. So nothing is really new, if you're thinking about buying a Wii-U, don't.

My 360, PS3, Wii, PC, WiiU, and 3DS ( while charging) are all collecting dust right now....what's your point?

Learn the difference in gathering dust vs. collecting dust, and maybe you'll figure it out.
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