Wii U Price Drop in UK for those of who live there and want to save 60 off!

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No results found :(

Huh the topic must have been deleted, either way

One Website =/= Price Drop.

Nope it's still here


Too bad people here don't know the difference between a retailer sale and an official price drop announced by the console's maker.

Not saying the Wii U won't get an UK official price drop but this is not it.

Too bad people don't read, where did I say it was a price drop by Nintendo?

Just said a retailer is selling it for cheaper

You guys are too delusional

It's a sale by one retailer. Which is usually a for limited time.

Price drops are permanent and by the console's maker across the board.

Doesn't say sale, just said the price is..

Normally when it's on sale they note that it's on sale
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Price: 299.00
In stock

Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.co.uk
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Still too expensive :/
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Still too expensive :/

Save up your allowance, maybe you can afford it eventually.
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