flickering Silent Hill: SM (and other vWii-mode quirks)

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4 years ago#1
for people who have been testing their Wii games in Wii U's Wii-mode, please list any peculiarities you may have come across.

for instance, i've been playing Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and i notice a constantly 'flickering' band, about 1 inch wide, along the top and bottom edges of the screen. they're not noticeable in the day-time sections of the game, but very clear (and annoying) during darker sections and even cut scenes.

i was hoping somebody with Shattered Memories could confirm this for me so i knew whether it's just a vWii-mode thing, or if it's my wii u/cable/tv that's the problem. i'd appreciate that. and if you've noticed anything weird while playing other Wii games, please post, and hopefully some others can test it out to confirm/deny.
4 years ago#2
(message deleted)
4 years ago#4
It's supposed to do that. I tried it in my Wii U and then my original Wii. Same thing happened. It's only when your on the pause menu. It's an effect to make it look like an old VHS tape or something. alot of the silent Hill games are made to look grainy like an old worn out movie. Read the link below for more info on that.

4 years ago#5
no, i'm aware of that effect.. it's definitely not that.. those are bright, thin, horizontal "static-y" lines. what i'm talking about is 1 inch on the upper and lower edges of the screen constantly flickering/flashing.

what i'm thinking it is, is the overscan you don't see when playing it in on a wii.. but since the wii u + hdmi cable renders the pixels 1:1 you now see what you werent able to before.

for example, when you guys fire up your Wii U, if your tv is set to "full pixel" and aspect is set to "full", the image fills the entire screen nicely. BUT when you go to the Wii U's wii-mode you'll notice the image is now smaller (black bands on left and right sides of screen).

edit: but STN, you do have the game and have tried it on your wii u, so maybe it's just my set-up. but i meant to add: it's not just in the pause menu.. the flickering i'm talking about happens all game unless it's a rare day-time segment.
4 years ago#6
Pretty sure it's on purpose. Here's a thread where someone else was discussing it and they are all saying the same thing. It's just the noise filtering effect. You could turn it off in the older games but not this one apparently.

4 years ago#7
i think this guy and i are talking about the same thing:


but people in that thread also told him it's just part of the game...

i know when you get close to a nightmare sequence, or a "memory" moment you see the VHS tape style lines on the screen.. but these only happen in those certain situations.. what i'm talking about is happening all the time.. even in the psychiatrist office, where those static lines you're talking about never appear.

what makes me think it's a Wii U thing is simply because i don't see this while playing the game on my original wii.. the VHS static effects are obviously still there cause they're part of the game.

thanks for tryin to help, though. i'm gonna try the game on my friends U and see what's up.
4 years ago#8
Let me know what you find out. My wii is hooked to to a regular TV so maybe it's something to do with your HDMI cable. Hard to know for sure what you're seeing since i can't look at it myself.
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