If you could have one Playstation exclusive franchise on Wii U...

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Ratchet and Clank, original Spyro trilogy would be awesome too.
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fhsfootball74 posted...
PAAGGpewpew posted...
after looking at that list, it is very pathetically sad that Sony no longer has any good franchises.

All crap.

Surely there is something on this list that appeals to you...

Almost all of those series are dead and no more. So, almost everything you just mentioned is invalid.

I am talking about series that are alive this gen. Series that are still kicking and not on life support.

I bet you would tell me that a series like Breath of Fire is still alive. (not Sony but just saying that it's dead)
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Other. Jak & Daxter. I'd love to see Jak in SSB. PSABR didn't do him justice.
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Ape Escape. It would get more attention being on a Nintendo console and it really deserves the attention.
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Caboose_Miller posted...
Ape Escape. It would get more attention being on a Nintendo console and it really deserves the attention.

I Agree with you man
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LBP community would be pretty awesome fun. Even just to finally be able to play Mario levels online on a Nintendo system with that controller would be epic.
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Ratchet & Clank for sure.
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Baha05 posted...
Dark Cloud

Definitely. Level-5 needs to do a successor series like what Dark Souls is to Demon Souls.
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I think I would pick either Jak and Daxter or anything Team Ico is involved in.
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Sony officially bought out the rights to Lemming & Q*Bert? They never even revived them or did anything thing with them. But it would explain the lack of virtual console version of the classics. It's a real bugger to Lemming as the original was a really fun puzzle game. Which started as a PC game, but was ported to everything.

That'd be like in 10 years some buys the Angry Birds rights and then sits on it. Even if Angry Birds is an inferior game to Lemmings. Time to smack Sony up side the head with my Game Gear cart, actually put it the Game Gear first for more effect.