PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to be more powerful than the Wii U?

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RahzarX posted...
The Ps3 and Xbox require this to run the OS and other services.

The Wii U will receive the same multi-console ports as the Ps4 and 720. MS and Sony will take the loss for hardware prices and realize the mistake. No one is going out of their way to make games for just one system anymore.

Depends on the game. Sure it will get your Maddens and Call of Dutys but what about your GTAs, Mass Effects, etc.? You're right, exclusives are rare. I'm sure PC, PS4, and 720 are more than enough platforms for third party developers to put their games on.
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SuperShyGuy9000 posted...
aether17 posted...
I think we "know" more about the Durango GPU than Latte, and Durango isn't even officially announced. It's funny.

Why don't we know more about Latte? What happened to the teardowns on launch day?

How long does it take to do benchmarks?

We don't have all the numbers from the Lattle GPU, all we have is the clock speed and size of the die. We can speculate what might be able to fit in there, but it'll be hard to do that especially when it'll be heavily customized, just like most console GPU are. The GPU likely doesn't even resemble anything like a 4770 or 5670, or a 4850. A close-up shot of the insides of the GPU would help somewhat. The only thing we kind of know, is that it was at least 2X the 360 GPU in 2011 (based on what a NeoGaf member claims, though it's likely better now after the finalizations and +40% clock speed increase) on paper.

The CPU is also still not fully understood, especially considering how people are claiming impossible possibilities for it (the internals of Espresso itself contradict what we know of the PPC 750 series and its past.).
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Undoubtedly. The question is how much more powerful. Leaked specs suggest somewhere between 3-4 times more powerful, if we know the Wii U spec fully. Of course the specs haven't been confirmed, so its still up in the air.

So much for multiplats...
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Nintendoboy77 posted...
PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to be more powerful than the Wii U?

Who cares, it's the game quality that counts.

And ps4/next xbox will be capable of better game quality and wiiU won't get any decent multiplats let alot quality ones.
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Wii U is gonna fail

look at Wii sales,raw power not important?oh really?why i saw a lot of people concerning about this at neogaf,and other ANY discussion forum besides this one?oh wait,this one full of defenders and sheeps
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Nintendoboy77 posted...
PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to be more powerful than the Wii U?

Who cares, it's the game quality that counts.

According to Metacritic, PS3 and Xbox 360 had more higher rating games than the Wii , along with higher rating exclusives as an average than the Wii

So they won in game quality as well
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Nintendoboy77 posted...
PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to be more powerful than the Wii U?

Who cares, it's the game quality that counts.

And Sony still beats them in game quality.
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Baha05 posted...
It's possible though in the long run it doesn't matter as all the consoles wil be outdated by PCs in half a year or so.

PC is irrelevant, we're talking about consoles. And just because new PC tech comes out doesn't mean much , 360/PS3 kept up with the PC really well this gen. And remember that developers focus on consoles, so there's no point in having a more powerful PC when the developers focus on optimising their games for consoles anyway, and PC just gets ports with minor upgrades.
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Pretty sure you made this topic about 4 times in the past week. Could be mistaken but highly unlikely.
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Nintenja are waiting at various AMD factories to sabotage the chipsets and force delays for both Sony and Microsoft.

I hear that they plan a special surprise for the demo consoles that will be used for the E3 stage show.
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