Where do you go for your Nintendo news?

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3 years ago#11
the world wide web
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3 years ago#12
NNID - Wingo84
3 years ago#13
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3 years ago#14
TheStarCore posted...
STN79 posted...
There's actually a new Nintendo magazine that just started this month. It's called Nintendo force and the first issue is already available digitally or as a physical copy. It's basically a spiritual successor to Nintendo power. Take a look!


$18? Holy... That's ridiculous

Yeah, it is. I'll be buying this first issue in hardcopy, but the rest I think I'll go digital. I've looked into the magazine a little more and word on the street seems to be that a monthly subscription will be available soon, the same as Nintendo Power.

This high pricetag is more than likely a necessary evil for them to get off the ground. In fact, according to some of the things I've read, it costs them something like $15 just to print the dang thing, and they only get a couple of dollars' profit per magazine. I think the more fans that support them early on, the sooner we'll get a cheaper subscription plan.
3 years ago#15
RycerX posted...
There are countless generic gaming blogs out there, but I'm sort of looking for something where opinion and speculation hold little sway, more along the lines of the official Playstation blog or majornelson.com. Just news and insider information on upcoming Nintendo developments.

Nintendo Direct.
3 years ago#16
I use GoNintendo.
I feel it's kind of a Nintendo news aggregator. The editor posts a lot of links to various sites. If it's newsworthy (in the Nintendo-sphere at least) it's sure to be on that site.
3 years ago#17
Jonnyd108 posted...

NintendoLife is primarily for Europe, though they do post a weekly entry about NA eShop releases. I would recommend checking out Nintendo World Report or GoNintendo.com as far as Nintendo news sites, but just so you know GoNintendo is primarily a news aggregate, though they do occasionally break news as well. You might also want to check out Pure Nintendo which is a new website that also publishes a bi-monthly magazine.
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