Nintendo Direct tomorrow announcing new Wii U games

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TheStarCore posted...
HungoverHero777 posted...
Wait, it's supposed to be new games ONLY? Sign me up!

No way it will be ONLY new games. Nothing suggests that, they're showing off Wii U games AND will reveal new Wii U games, but not all will be new.

Well, that's good enough for me too. I just want SOME new stuff...
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tomloadsadosh posted...
TheStarCore posted...
I definitely feel there'll be 1 unannounced game. "Show new games" and "reveal new games" are completely different, in my opinion. "Reveal" suggests it;'s something not yet known

It says Reveal new games. So there must be more than one new game.

True, I should clarify I meant 1 "big" game. (i.e. a Well known Nintendo IP). There'll maybe be others, but I imagine they'll be smaller eShop type games, or not "big" titles
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I hope its some much needed first-party game(s). Preferably releasing sooner rather than later. Luckily that falls in my free periods at school so I can watch it.
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up UP! UP!
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Retro's game hopefully. Maybe a glimpse at Mario Kart 8 or Bayonetta 2. I'm guessing they'll save SSBU for E3. Hell they might save all these things for E3 cuz God knows they need a great E3.
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Helmsly2008 posted...
"Hello and welcome to Nintendo Direct. I'm Gabe newell..."
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Very happy about this! :D
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What are the chances some of these games are coming out soon and not Q3-Q4/next year?
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I'm sure NA will have one too, just not announced yet.
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Something tells me this is going to be a massive letdown. Getting really used to this now. Theyll announce some awful casual game. There is just 0 chance of this being anything related to Zelda or Metroid. They save that stuff for E3 in the summer.
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