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Whats your favorite Wii U game ?
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Gohan9221484/17 10:18AM
We should all be hoping for Splatoon to do well.
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Ogre_Reborn244/17 10:13AM
I love Nintendo games, I don't like Nintendo. A modern attitude that I hold.
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X_Ste_90_X554/17 9:59AM
Is Donkey Kong 64 true widescreen?gafemaqs74/17 9:49AM
Something that sucks about the N64 VC games.Terrabell94/17 9:47AM
Sakurai to be a presenter at a Fire Emblem event - Roy announcement imminent?Sakurafanboy94/17 9:20AM
You're reaction if...Ogre_Reborn54/17 9:06AM
Is there anyway for the Wii U to save my internet connection?MMhawk607104/17 8:48AM
C/D: More story elements in games should be conveyed through gameplay elements.
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wiiking96214/17 8:47AM
For Mega May what Mega Man game did you vote for...
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Trevor_Belmont144/17 7:54AM
Is my Gamepad borked? (more info inside)Justice9840574/17 7:42AM
Angryjoe Nintendo doesn't get a "free pass"
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UnclePanda3034/17 7:07AM
Which to buy first Mario Kart 8 or Mario 3D World..... ?Gohan922154/17 6:22AM
Trying to buy one for 110 is it worth it?SackBoi64/17 6:17AM
I'm eligible for a free Gold CN game and can't decide! (Poll)linkboy44724/17 6:12AM
Still worth picking up Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed?
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TheRushDawg304/17 6:10AM
How much is Mario kart DS vc goinng to cost?Terrabell44/17 6:07AM
Trying to decide on my Club Nintendo Platinum rewardLordBowser84/17 4:32AM
Did you get Tropical Freeze as your platinum gift? (Poll)
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Bowm4080254/17 3:52AM
Who wants a club Nintendo game? Aura Aura or Paper Plane (EU Club Nintendo)SparrowMind44/17 2:00AM