Transfering VC games is FREE. Fee is only if you want to play on the gamepad

#31TalicusPosted 1/23/2013 12:14:16 PM
"Fee is only if you want to play on the gamepad"

But that in itself is stupid. We already paid 300+ bucks for the system, why is Nintendo now stabbing us in the back by saying "well to actually USE the gamepad we'll charge you an extra $1-$2 per game"?

It's nonsense. We paid for the license, we paid for the download and we paid for the emulation. That alone should be enough to not have to pay $1-$2 (which for me would be around $50-$100 to upgrade my entire VC library) per game to upgrade to Wii U.
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darkjedilink posted...
Is that why you had to re-buy PSP games for the PSPGo? Or is that why you have to buy PS1 Classics on PSN in order to get any of the PS3's added functionality? Because they don't charge you for any of that kind of stuff?

You're talking about transferring retail to digital. That is not what anyone else is talking about. That is called a strawman. Google it, stop doing it, get with the program and participate in the same discussion as the rest of us.

The rest of the world is talking about transferring digital purchases to other platforms.

Don't bother, the dude is LITERALLY a compulsive liar.