New Zelda, New Mario? Wind Waker HD? This is NEW news? Come on people.

#41Vipa1985Posted 1/24/2013 4:34:31 PM
"We all knew this was coming. So they announced something we already new. Though no pix, no videos. Nintendo throwing a hail mary as Wii U sales suffer."

Tbh i think a lot of people knew some of these games were coming (aside from the Xeno game & SMT X FE) when people buy a Nintendo console you can expect a 3D Mario, a new Zelda, Smash Bros etc, the Yoshi title was hinted at when someone hacked the WiiU months ago, the same could technically be said for the Playstation everyone expects a God Of War, Gran Turismo & all the other PS exclusives... As for no pics or vids for some games well let's look at this logically, there's a lot of rumours pointing to Sony & MS showing their next gen consoles at E3, Ninty need to keep somethings under wraps to wow the audiences with.

Nintendo's not really throwing a "hail mary" either, the point of the Direct showing was to assure people who invested in the WiiU that the decent games are coming since a lot of whiners kept saying that there weren't any worthwhile games & while this may be the case up until at least March Nintendo has shown us that there are games coming that we can look forward to + the ones shown were only 1st party or 1st party supported titles as Iwata mentioned that they would look into 3rd party efforts & other unnanounced titles later.

Finally WiiU sales suffering? The consoles only been out 2-3 months you can't really expect big numbers within that time, this also ties into the amount of killer app titles available on the system seriously give it time, Ninty have got a chance of making the WiiU a great console especially after seeing them team up with the likes of Namco, Atlus, Monolith, Platinum (who are mostly ex Capcom) & Retro Studios & i'm sure we'll see many other great games on this system over time much as i'd expect to see great exclusives coming from Sony on the PS4 etc.