How do we know Monolith's game is an Xenoblade sequel?

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I highly doubt it being a Xenoblade sequel. It was announced months ago that it's a new IP, but apparently everyone forgot about that.
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Even if it isn't a Xenoblade sequel, it at least looks like a spiritual sequel. Similar battle system, mecha, dude at the end that looks a lot like Shulk.

Word ^_^

It's not Xenoblade 2... but if it is, it changed radically.

Why would it not be Xenoblade 2? They had mechas in the first one too.

There's also mechs in xenosaga and xenogears, those games arn't related to blade in anyway. Also the fact that they don't say it's xenoblade 2 is a decent indication that it's not as you'd at least have that as a working title.
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I'm fairly certain the game has nothing to do with Xenogears.

Xenogears was NOT made by the same people as Xenoblade. Only reason they share names is because apparently one dedicated worker on the staff of Xenoblade also worked on Gears so it was a tribute to him.

The majority of Monolith Soft is made up of the team that worked on Xenogears.
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