Is it just me or does that Monolith soft game looks like monster hunter

#31JMC611Posted 1/23/2013 1:36:35 PM
ADHDguitar posted...
It's not just you.

I'm actually considering skipping Monster Hunter now.

Why would you skip monster hunter for this? Monster hunter comes out in 1 and a half months. We'd be lucky to see this game stateside by the end of the year. Couldn't you just get both?
#32JackalPosted 1/23/2013 1:37:51 PM
Enjoy one soon and enjoy one latter? That's an idea!
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#33RetroFanGirlPosted 1/23/2013 1:39:20 PM
It looks like Xenoblade
#34NeonYoshi11Posted 1/23/2013 1:52:04 PM
Baha05 posted...
When I saw it I thought it was an MMO to be honest.


They will make it somewhat different MMO so as not to directly compete with MH.
#35alacer807Posted 1/23/2013 2:02:09 PM
I'm expecting xenoblade 2 with monster hunter inspirations sprinkled in.
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