Padding my Wii collection. How good is Kirby's Epic Yarn?

#1HungtotheoverPosted 1/23/2013 9:13:51 PM
It looks good. How good is the coop? Thinking of getting it. Changing the case to a blue one and puttin it next to Yoshis Epic Yarn when it comes out.
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#2Virus66Posted 1/23/2013 9:15:02 PM
I personally didn't like it. Pathetically simple and completely devoid of any difficulty. It is literally impossible to lose. Stylistically appealing though, but that's about it IMO
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#3Hungtotheover(Topic Creator)Posted 1/23/2013 9:15:45 PM
Other than that. Enjoyable?
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#4DarthFloatyPosted 1/23/2013 9:16:40 PM
The music and visuals are very good. It's a fun, lighthearted game. A little easy, but very playable.
#5crazymerioPosted 1/23/2013 9:18:24 PM
It's more of an experience than a game. Some people think its amazing.
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#6DorotimusWitikPosted 1/23/2013 9:20:25 PM
Not worth the admittedly low price of admission. Get Kirby's Return to Dreamland instead. It's actually a good game.
#7Soanevalcke6Posted 1/23/2013 9:20:54 PM
If you likes Yoshi's Island, you'll like Kirby's Epic Yarn. It's pretty much a Yoshi's Island Game with Kirby in it.

It's good.
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#8snae99Posted 1/23/2013 9:22:29 PM
I'm actually going to start playing this game soon. I got it for $14 on amazon and I received it today.
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