GameFAQs poll says people are done with Nintendo cuz they are stale.

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ITT: GameFAQs is representative of the entire country.
Hidden details about the Wii U Yoshi game I noticed:
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Petey_Meanis posted...
LOL @ taking GameFAQs polls seriously.

Remember this Poll of the Day about PS3 ?

talk about ouch.. LMFAO

or the 360?


This was all that had to be said. Why did this topic continue?
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Looks to me more of

Yes/already own - 25%
Maybe - 47%
No - 27%
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From: Hejiru | Posted: 1/24/2013 2:14:32 PM | #021
ITT: GameFAQs is representative of the entire country.

you mean world. GameFAQs is available to the world, not just a single country.
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I don't really see how this is surprising. We got a Yoshi game that's rehashing the Epic Yarn style, -another- Mario Kart, -another- Wii Fit, -another- janky party game, an HD port of a Zelda game..and vague information about a future Mario and Zelda.

The only thing to get excited for was the third party-esque games.
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12,292 (own console, excited or on fence) vs 6,931 (picked last option)

ur topic loses
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Love the spin on this board, lol
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Lol, best troll fail in a while.
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Icecreamdunwich posted...
Love the spin on this board, lol

Me too. Thats what Sony fanboys are like.
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